Cutest henchman to a demonic power hungry Russian mystic ever

Anastasia is the BEST.


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Anonymous asked:
Your so pretty!

Thank you! And you may be who??

Going Home Today.

And staying there all day!

Anonymous asked:
Are you stillv looking for a travel buddy?

I’m broke as fuck. So, no, not anymore…

Happy Easter!

Enjoy the day, with who ever it may be with.

Friends, family, partner, God.

Love all of you.

Good Boyfriend Tip.

Every holiday should be an excuse to give chocolate…

I really just want to run away at this point. 

The person I want the most to hold me and whisper to me everything will be okay…completely tore my heart out.

And I’m just sick of everyone else. I hate people. I want to run away. Take all my money and go somewhere, anywhere. Where I don’t have to see people or talk to them. I could just take my bike and keep riding, miles and miles. Just keep going till I can’t anymore, sleep and then get up and do it again. Keep going until all the bullshit is behind me and then I’ll wipe my tears. I won’t cry over these shitty people or shitty places ever again.

Dance Showcase.

March 23rd.

Can’t wait.

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I Still Have Not Reached 1,000 Posts.