Does Anyone Know Where I Can Just Run To And Start All Over?

This was never the life I wanted…


If I end up falling for you and you leave, I’ll be torn.

I’m not sure what’s going on, but this shouldn’t be happening. I need to place some distance between whatever this is. Before things get messy.

Out Of Time.

I’m just going to live out some of my dreams now. Maybe I’ll do some traveling, if I can get the money together.

In the mean time, I’ll learn to drive. Drink every drink out there. Smoke in the mountains, and catch a bunny.

Maybe I’ll even drive to Arizona to see my uncle again.

I’ll get some tattoos and try to go for my tongue again.

Maybe even find my soulmate.

This guy makes me so angry!

I’ve known him for awhile now, and yet we’ve never even met in person.
We used to talk all the time, but that’s changed and he makes me so mad. ‘Cause it’s like he doesn’t try and it seems like he doesn’t want to.

And yet, he still makes me laugh and smile. And I can tell him anything and he understands.

He’s one of the truest friends I’ve had, and yet, we’re barely friends.

I just feel like giving up on him, but at the same time, something inside me, won’t let me.

Yet, I know I should. I don’t have the time to wait for him anymore.

You completely destroyed me.

The truth is, I’m still waiting to be kissed that kiss that just screams true love. The kiss that sparks a life long love, that indicates that those lips, are the ones you were meant to be kissing.

I honestly don’t know how or why I have so many followers.

I buy fruit snacks and drink out of juice boxes to give myself some of the childhood I missed out on…